Copyright is protected by Law No. 9,610, of February 19, 1998.

Copyright is the inalienable and inalienable right that the author has to enjoy the patrimonial and moral benefits of his works. When materializing a specific work, these patrimonial and moral rights are acquired.

Patrimonial rights are characterized by the possibility of being negotiated in whole or in part, depending on the terms of the signed license agreement. Moral rights, on the other hand, are unsalable, it is the right to have the name mentioned whenever the work is published or used.

You can register as Copyright:

Every creation of the spirit and its crystallization are registered as copyright. Therefore, books, brochures, leaflets, speeches, letters, letters, conferences, sermons and any other writings; in addition to dramatic and dramatic-musical works, choreographic and pantomimic, whose execution is fixed in writing or in any other way. Musical compositions that may or may not have lyrics and scores, photographic works, audiovisual works (sounded or not), in short, all creation expressed and materialized by a form can be registered.

Works Gender Table:

01 – Poetry

02 – Romance

03 – Didactic / Pedagogical

04 – Music (sheet music / lyrics)

05 – Theater

06 – Technical / Scientific

07 – Theses / Monograph

08 – Tales / Chronicle

09 – Comics

10 – Cinema / TV

11 – Mystical / Esoteric

12 – Religious

13 – Political / Philosophical

14 – Character / Drawing

15 – Biography

16 – Advertising

17 – Periodical

99 – Others

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    The trademark can be registered in a nominative, mixed, or figurative manner, or through a combination of these elements.

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    Patent Registration

    Our Patent Registration guarantees the holder the exclusivity to commercially distribute their creation through the Invention Patent or Utility Model.

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    Industrial Design

    Protects the aesthetic and ornamental appearance of the product, as well as the characteristics of its external shape, making it unique and unmistakable.

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    Softwares Registration

    Exclusivity in the production, use, and commercialization of software and Apps creation, regardless of your platform.

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    Rights are given by law so that you can enjoy any moral and patrimonial benefits from the distribution of your creation

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    Technological Research

    Technological research carried out in national and international patent banks verifies that a product is already protected.

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