It is a privilege granted by the State that gives the inventor the right to prevent a third party from manufacturing, using, offering for sale or importing a patented product or process or a product obtained directly from a patented process.

Industrial Design Registration (DI) – protects the aesthetic and ornamental shape of the product, the characteristics of its external shape that beautify it, making it unique and unmistakable. Each record can protect one main form and up to 19 variations of it. Valid for 10 years and extendable for three successive periods of 5 years.

DI order process.

  1. Preparation and filing of the registration application.
  2. Publication and automatic granting of registration.
  3. 5-year period for third parties to file a registration nullity process.

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    The trademark can be registered in a nominative, mixed, or figurative manner, or through a combination of these elements.

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    Patent Registration

    Our Patent Registration guarantees the holder the exclusivity to commercially distribute their creation through the Invention Patent or Utility Model.

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    Industrial Design

    Protects the aesthetic and ornamental appearance of the product, as well as the characteristics of its external shape, making it unique and unmistakable.

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    Softwares Registration

    Exclusivity in the production, use, and commercialization of software and Apps creation, regardless of your platform.

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    Rights are given by law so that you can enjoy any moral and patrimonial benefits from the distribution of your creation

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    Technological Research

    Technological research carried out in national and international patent banks verifies that a product is already protected.

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    registros de marcas e patentes porto alegre criciúma

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