Credibility and Trust are keywords when it comes to DMARK Trademarks and Patents.

DMARK was formed in June 1986 in Porto Alegre / RS by professionals with over 40 (forty) years of training in matters pertaining to the subject of Intellectual Property.

In August 2003, DMARK opened its first branch located in Criciúma / SC, this measure aimed at a closer service to customers as well as the initial implementation of the company’s strategic planning.


Formed by a multifunctional team made up of Specialized Intellectual Property Lawyers, Industrial Property Agents, Patent Analysts and Writers, Engineers, Economists, Agents Abroad and computerized procedural control systems, we provide the companies that make up our clientele extremely technical advice that meets all the needs of the sector.

This diverse team, in addition to increasing our reliability vis-à-vis customers, enables us to act in several areas that concern Intellectual Property. Our main goal? Protect your Idea and your Brand and, with that, increase the competitiveness of your business.

“The goal of our organization is the correct and adequate dissemination of knowledge in the field, as well as continuous advice, through a close relationship with the companies that make up our clientele”.

Jorge Monteiro, Founder – 1957-2019


Promote the development of our customers by forming a constant partnership, using our knowledge and resources to make this partnership possible. Our customers are an extension of our company and vice versa.

Privacy Policy

Supported by the code of ethics of INPI and ABAPI, the confidentiality of the information that we deal with daily is the cornerstone of our relationship with customers and partners. We must earn the trust of our customers and, in the name of that trust, we must guarantee the confidentiality of the information entrusted to us.

We provide advice in a transparent manner to nurture the confidence of our customers and consequently contribute to their success.
Our company is formed by a diversified team. We operate in several areas providing technical advice, personalized and reliable. Since 1986.
Our goal is to develop and protect from the brand and the idea of our customers, so that they are able to act with greater competitiveness.


our main


The goal of our organization is the correct and adequate dissemination of knowledge in the field, as well as continuous advice, through a close relationship with the companies that make up our clientele.


The trademark can be registered in a nominative, mixed, or figurative manner, or through a combination of these elements.

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Patent Registration

Our Patent Registration guarantees the holder the exclusivity to commercially distribute their creation through the Invention Patent or Utility Model.

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Industrial Design

Protects the aesthetic and ornamental appearance of the product, as well as the characteristics of its external shape, making it unique and unmistakable.

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Softwares Registration

Exclusivity in the production, use, and commercialization of software and Apps creation, regardless of your platform.

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Rights are given by law so that you can enjoy any moral and patrimonial benefits from the distribution of your creation

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Technological Research

Technological research carried out in national and international patent banks verifies that a product is already protected.

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We consider our customers business partners.

We promote the development of our customers, forming a constant partnership, using our knowledge, strategies and resources.

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Trust, credibility and solidity.

Our values, our brand.